Typical sweets of the Sienese tradition

Panforte, ricciarelli, cantuccini and other typical products

Panforte Margherita

The typical sweet of Siena


The Traditional Sienese Almond Cake


The most famous Tuscan dessert


Tuscan Signature Specialties

In Tuscan homes of bygone days, every woman devoted her time to cooking and baking the finest delicacies for her family. Sunday meals were always special, the whole family dined together and, in addition to the usual dishes, the women baked the most delicious desserts, following the recipes of the finest Tuscan country tradition. Every woman jealously guarded her recipes, and handed them down to future generations through her children. CasaToscana has conducted an accurate research on old Tuscan recipes and has selected the finest, most delicious ones, produced with the same wholesome, natural ingredients used in the past, and therefore without preservatives, food dyes, or any other ingredient that could alter their genuineness. The best ingredients are thus mixed using the methods of the olden days, to obtain superior quality products.

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Enoteca San Domenico
A large assortment of wines

CasaToscana Panforte

Panforte CasaToscana

The typical sweet of Siena, Margherita, Panpepato (Medieval spiced Panforte ), a Panforte Specialty with Figs and Walnuts and a Special Panforte Variation with Figs and Chocolate
CasaToscana Vini Toscani

Wines CasaToscana

In addition to a wide assortment of wines from prestigious companies, you can find a Chianti Wine and a Vernaccia of San Gimignano wine branded CasaToscana.
CasaToscana Ricciarelli

Ricciarelli CasaToscana

The famous almond cake, handcrafted and handmade as it used to be. It is advisable to consume them with dessert wines, especially with the Moscadello of Montalcino Late Harvest and with the Tuscan Vin Santo.
CasaToscana Vinsanto del Chianti

VinSanto San Domenico

It is the ideal wine matching with all kind of dessert and it is also a typical product of the Tuscan tradition. Perfect paired with almond cantuccini.