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For those who have not yet encountered the famous products in our “CasaToscana” Confectionery Line, we make it our business to bring you sweetness, delicacy and eternal flavours, emerging from the expert hands of artisans following the most ancient and traditional recipes that exist. Our various kinds of Panforte, hand-made Ricciarelli macaroons and Almond and Chocolate Cantuccini, form a confectionery line par excellence, and during each of the festive seasons, the shop is piled high with delicious treats and all the more typical traditional products, such as Panettoni with VinSanto, with Champagne, with Balsamic Vinegar, but also traditional items such as Pandoro ‘golden bread’, expertly crafted Colombe Pasquali Easter cakes, Cavallucci cakes, Bruttiboni biscuits, Copate nougat, Torta Gianduia hazelnut cake and so much more, all produced using artisanal methods in the most prestigious bakeries.


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CasaToscana: Gifts and Memories from Siena

CasaToscana & l’Enoteca di San Domenico is a beautiful shop entirely devoted to the Typical Food and Wine Specialities of the Tuscan Tradition and in particular, of the Siena area. Ideal for Tourists, who will find an endless variety of gifts and precious souvenirs of the ancient lands of Siena and Tuscany. It is also a Shop for people who are from Siena, lovers of their land and its excellent produce, when the occasion calls for an unforgettable Gift.

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